Monday, March 14, 2011

Its been a year...

It has been one year since i have updated our blog. WOW how time just goes far too fast with a toddler!
Reid is now 13 months old. We are loving everybit of it.

I am going to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) here in a few week, Im praying this will give me time to do the things i love again. Updating this is one thing I'm going to work REALLY hard at doing. I want to go back and update each month, if i can.

So on that note, im sure it will be a few weeks before i get to it. BUT, I will be back SOON!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

30 day shred

So today is the day! I started the 30 day shred, and oh my goodness!
I thought I was going to die. I was swimming a bunch before i was pregnant, a little during, then nothing towards the end. So needless to say, Im OUTTA SHAPE!

Reid has been rather cranky today, and we went for a nap in his swing and I took my 30 minutes and did my first day. Now I feel like jello! I hope to lose 30 LBS in the next 6 months, so I need to keep motivated and get my body back, Actually, back to what it was YEARS ago.

I went through some depression years ago when i entered college, and my family moved out of state. I seem to have gained a good amount of weight and i did not really notice. I was working full time, going to school full time and living on my own with roommates (all boys) so that did not help. It was hard trying to stay focused on the things i needed to, while all the boys were just working m-f 7am - 4pm, I was busy ever day with work or school or both.

I was broke, and most of the time would not eat till i got home for dinner because ryan would offer to buy it. Some times it was either eat, or pay for gas money to get to school, 70 miles away. So I stayed true to school and screwed my body up in a BIG way.

So now that my life is "perfect" in my eyes, I need to get "me" back.

I tired of feeling insecure about my body, and feeling like i have lost "me". I know im not as outgoing as I once was, and I know its because i dont feel comfortable with me, and do not want attention on me at all.

So now that i have totally outed myself and put the pressure on to fine "me" again. Im really REALLY ready for this.
I want to do it for my husband who knows what i once was, and really would love to have the person he fell in love with back. Im so blessed that he is so supportive, and really loves "ME" for me and not my body. BUT, I know he really would love to have it back just as much as i do.

I want to do it for my son. I want to be outgoing so I dont hold him back in any way. I want to be beautiful on the outside as i am on the inside. I know it sounds superficial, but Im not a really girly girl person, im always sporty, and i want to just look better for me and my family, and for my health. I want to be able to play and run with him (i can, im not that bad) but i want to do it and look good doing it.

One of my biggest motivators, PICTURES! I HATE PICTURES OF ME!!
I dont want to have no pictures of my family because im fat! So i want to look good in pictures again!!

Well Reid is calling (Fussing) so i got to go! But I have 30 days to lose 20 LBS and i hope i at least get close!!
Wish me Luck!!

- Kim

Sunday, March 14, 2010

1 month old

We have made it to 1 month and i cant not believe how fast it has gone, and how much you have grown. Each day you amaze me on the things that you can do.
You are very much a morning person, I guess you get that from both mommy and daddy. Although mommy would love to get some morning sleep that is later than 6 am.

You are sleeping well, well when you decide to go to sleep. We have started giving you a bath between 7 and 7:30, give you a bottle right after (that mommy worked so hard to pump so daddy can feed you, and you suck it down faster than i can get it) Then we try to put you to bed.

The first day this was amazing, worked like a charm, then you slept for 4 hours, fed, then another 4 hours, then fed, then 2 hours and it was 6:50 am, so you were ready to start the day.

From then, things don't go as planned, we give you a bath, fed you a bottle, pat you and you are wide awake. Daddy did his first night of trying to put you to bed, he was so surprised it took over an hour to get you to be asleep enough to have you put down! (can you tell how does it more often) :)

As soon as you were born you were wide awake, looking around. Everyone was so impressed how alert you were. I could tell you wanted to see everything that was happening around you. Now you are really focusing on people and objects, you love looking at the fan and lights.
It is so nice to know that you are beginning to know who we are now, I know you knew by our voices, but now you look at us and smile!!

Today is Sunday March 14, 2010. While you were in your best mood (in the morning) I was making silly faces with you, and you gave me the best smile ever! A BIG ONE, not just a gas smile but a real smile! It was the best feeling ever!

You had your 1 month doctors appointment this week. You are in the 50% on Height and Weight. You are now 21.5 inches, and weighing in at 9 LBS 6 OZ. You have gained 2 pounds in the first month. That amazes me. You are getting so big.

I am trying to think of anything else i need to update on, but nothing is coming to mind, Maybe because daddy has you in the computer room, and he is having a heck of a time keeping you happy, so i think my mind is not "here" Its amazing how all i can think about is your needs, and you. No longer do i get anytime for "me" but, Oh how its so worth it!

I love you with all my heart and it really amazes me on how someone could change "me" in ways i could have never imagined!
You are really the light of my life, and dont know how i ever lived with out you!

Pictures will be uploaded when i get to my other computer! This computer is crap!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New born pictures!

OK! So this has taken me forever to update because I have so many pictures i wanna upload and it takes so long doing two at a time, so either i suck and dont know an easier way to do this or this blog thing is a pain in the neck!!

So i will do this in a few different updates considering this draft has been the same for almost a week now!!

These are our little baby Reid! I just love how these came out!

Reid was 9 days old here.

Maternity shoot

So when I was 37 weeks we did our maternity shoot, this was the second weekend in January. I would have like to have had them done earlier, due to swelling, but it was so crazy with the holidays and our baby shower the 1st weekend in January.

So here they are in all the swollen goodness!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Birth Story!

WOW. I have been waiting a long time to sit and write this story...

I was due on 2/5/2010. I was having no real signs of labor, and on Monday the 8th my doctor set up an induction for the 11th.

On the night of the 9th and 10th i began having contractions that would get the the 5 min apart and either stop or get back to 10 minutes apart. On thursday morning around 3 am I was in true labor, I labored at home while Ryan got as much sleep as he could. I went back and forth from the bathtub to the bed, walking about the house. The contractions were getting hard to breath through and i would end up on the floor on my hands and knees, with my head on my pillow.

At 6:30 am I woke Ryan and told him to get ready we were going in. I arrived at L&D at 8:00 am. I was placed in a room, and they begin checking me in. It was 9:45 before i was checked to see how dilated I was. As of Monday i was 3 CM and 70% effaced. The doctor checked me and I was 3-4 CM dilated and 90% effaced.

I was contracting every 3-4 minutes and they were making me really uncomfortable. They started me on Pitocin at 10 am, which i was really not wanting to do. Once that kicked in things were getting a move on. I wanted to go for a natural (no meds) birth, but as strong as the Pitocin was making the contractions, they were off the charts, and every 1.5 minutes.

My birth plan did not happen, I got to 6 CM and 100% effaced and i was so tired and could not wait any longer, I took the Epidural. At first i was super sad about having to do so, but Knew i had to for myself, i was way to tired from being up for almost 3 days, i knew i would not be able to make it to pushing.

Once the epidural was in place, it took off the edge of each contraction although the pressure was insane. Each contraction still had me breathing to make it to the next.

I noticed that after the epidural that my right leg was so numb i was getting bad anxiety about it. My left leg was fine, actually i was able to feel it 100%, which made me more scared. I was laying on my left side, they had me switch sides and the babies heart rate would drop. So the left side it had to be.

An hour before pushing they turned off the epidural. I was having such bad anxiety that i needed it to be off. at 10 before 5 PM they said we were going to be getting ready to push. We waited for the baby to come a bit further down so at 5:10 PM we started pushing!

This was the hardest thing i have ever done in my whole life, I had my mom, sister and Ryan with me at this time. (birth plan was to have just Ryan) really nothing went by my birth plan. [:(]

after 1 hour 5 min, at 6:15 PM on 2-11-10 Reid Taylor Osment was born.

He was 7 LBS, 3 OZ and 21 inches long, and perfect in every way. He scored amazing and took right to the breast feeding! I think this is the only thing in my birth plan that went my way!! HAHAH

Sorry this is so long but if you have any Questions at all please ask!!

Where have I been??

Well I guess I have been gone a while! I have a bunch to update one, and really I have no idea where I left off at. So I'm going to just give one big update on how my pregnancy ended.

At 38 weeks I was 2 CM dilated and 50% effaced. This was a good thing, I had hopes to delivery this baby boy at any time, considering 37 weeks is full term!
My doctor had stripped my membranes in hopes to keep things moving.

At 39 weeks I still at the same. I then came to 40 weeks and was 3 CM dilated and 70% Effaced, my doctor stripped my membranes for the 3rd time, this time I had strong cramps right away, and was praying this would move things alone.

While we were already at 40 weeks, my doctor decided to set an eviction date, This baby was going to be here on 2-11-10 if he does not come on his own before this time.

I was excited to know that this was just about it. I was enjoying being pregnant, I was really not too uncomfortable. The thing that was uncomfortable was getting off the couch or outta bed, but other than that, I was moving great.

While I was in my 39th week and due at any time, Ryan had an issue with his vertigo. This is something that has been getting worse each year, and it is truly scary! The Sunday before our friday due date, Ryan wanted to go dirtbike riding with friends, so we went.

He rode for a few hours, and then we loaded up, and started to drive home. That is when it hit him, he needed to lay down right away, and I drove us home. This set in hard and super fast. By the time I got him home he was crashed out, unable to even stand. I got him into bed, and that is where he stayed for 1 full week! So it was a blessing I did not go into labor, I was really scared that i would go into labor and Ryan would miss the birth of our son. but he pulled through it Just in the nick of time, We were 41 weeks when little Reid was born!

So moving on to my birth story!